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Patient Centricity's Impact on Study Success

Wednesday, March 9, 2022 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Lisa Dyment, Senior Director, Site Collaborations, PPD; Ellen Price, Director of Patient Engagement, Meridian Clinical Research; and Patricia Roselle, Head, Patient Stakeholder Engagement, Sanofi

Join SCRS Sites NOW as we explore the value patient centricity has on study design, start-up and performance in 2022. Our expert panel will feature SCRS award winners, industry subject matter experts, and current patients sharing their experience.During this Sites NOW presentation:

  • Discover what patient centricity looks like in 2022 and how it will evolve in the year ahead
  • Glean examples your site and organization can apply for improved patient centricity across your portfolio
  • Understand how the site/industry partnership is innovating patient centricity through both practical and cutting edge applications


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Lisa Dyment
Lisa Dyment

Senior Director, Site Collaborations, PPD

Lisa has been with PPD for over 20 years in project management, strategic feasibility, proposal development and site collaborations, incorporating collaborative strategies across multiple regions and departments. Lisa began her oversight of the Patient Services group in March 2021 and since then she has been working to build the overall foundation of the group including developing oversight processes, developing guidelines for PPD teams, and further formalizing internal processes and KPIs.

Ellen Price
Ellen Price

Director of Patient Engagement, Meridian Clinical Research

As Director of Patient Engagement at Meridian Clinical Research, Ellen Price has substantial experience in patient recruitment and retention and is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of patient-centric advertising campaigns, outreach, community advocacies, as well as partnerships and media coverage.

Before joining Meridian in 2008, Price worked at Children’s Physicians pediatric group in Omaha, NE, for thirteen years. There, she learned the importance of patient-focused care, and its “three C’s” – communication, continuity, and concordance (finding common ground) – which serve as a compass for the work she does today at Meridian.

Price attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated from Omaha College of Health Careers with an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Patricia Roselle
Patricia Roselle

Head, Patient Stakeholder Engagement, Sanofi

Patricia Roselle leads a global team of Patient Engagement Leads to ensure that the patient voice infuses Sanofi’s entire therapeutic portfolio with patient perspectives. This focus ensures that clinical trials and clinical development strategies reflect patient centric objectives which seek to differentiate Sanofi products and the patient experience. Pat’s team is the face of Sanofi R&D to patient advocacy organizations and proactively partners with PAGs/PAOs for patient engagement methods to inform development programs, enhance clinical trial literacy, and provide trial awareness.