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Sites NOW: Diversity in Clinical Trials

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 11:30am - 1:30pm EST  
Host: Sites NOW
By: Diana Foster, VP Strategy and Special Projects, SCRS; Jimmy Bechtel, Vice President, Site Engagement and Innovation, Society for Clinical Research Sites; and Sean Soth, SVP, Strategy & Global Business Partnerships, SCRS

Sites NOW:  Diversity in Clinical Trials

Diversity, inclusion and equity in clinical trials has been an ongoing issue in clinical trials despite numerous calls to action. SCRS will discuss the critical importance of this issue specifically as it impacts the clinical research site. The ongoing work of the SCRS diversity project will be highlighted and discussed.


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Diana Foster
Diana Foster

VP Strategy and Special Projects, SCRS

Diana Foster, PhD, is the Vice President of Strategy and Development for the Society for Clinical Research Sites and is responsible for building relationships with industry that help amplify the voice of the clinical research site. She is a recognized expert in the intricacies of site management and an innovator in the use of strategic marketing tactics. Diana has designed and facilitated site management and patient recruitment trainings across the globe.

Jimmy Bechtel
Jimmy Bechtel (Host)

Vice President, Site Engagement and Innovation, Society for Clinical Research Sites

Jimmy Bechtel is the Society for Clinical Research Sites' (SCRS) director of innovation and engagement. He brings experience from both the site and sponsor sides of the clinical research industry to his critical role with SCRS. Jimmy provided a variety of support within the site spectrum in previous positions as data specialist, patient recruiter and operations manager. On the pharma side where he worked in innovation project management, Jimmy utilized his previous professional experience to encourage a site-centric environment and create ease for sites working with a major sponsor company. This multifaceted background allows Jimmy to bring a unique perspective to the work he does on behalf of the sites. At SCRS, Jimmy is in charge of developing and executing the company's global impact partner and member-facing initiatives, and works closely with key industry partners to build out various SCRS partnership program

Sean Soth
Sean Soth

SVP, Strategy & Global Business Partnerships, SCRS

"Site success impacts everyone in research" is the mission that drives Sean and his team as Vice President of Business Partnerships for SCRS. With more than 15 years experience in clinical business development and a background in association management, Sean works to connect sponsors, CROs and solution providers within the SCRS community.